Buying Cuban Bread from La Segunda Central Bakery

Cuban BreadWhen only the freshest Cuban bread will do for your morning toast and café con leche, or for the thousands of patrons you serve every day, La Segunda Central Bakery has you covered. We have provided residents and businesses in the Tampa Bay area and beyond with our authentic, award-winning bread – hand-made in the Cuban tradition – for nearly 100 years.

When you buy Cuban bread from La Segunda, you’ll experience the genuine taste and texture that brings customers back time after time. Our traditional “perfect Cuban sandwich bread” is made from a blend of premium, specially-blended ingredients, using an authentic recipe that Spanish-American War solider and La Segunda founder Juan Moré discovered in a small Cuban town. Based on this recipe, each loaf is hand-made and baked at our bread bakery with the traditional palmetto leaf on top, which creates the signature split. We are very serious about the quality of our products and we closely monitor the multitude of factors that can affect the outcome of our bread. This means that our customers always receive a consistent taste, texture, and shape each and every time they purchase a loaf.

Thanks to La Segunda, figuring out where to buy Cuban bread for your home or business is never a struggle. In addition to La Segunda’s retail storefront open seven days a week, we are also a commercial bakery and frozen Cuban bread supplier to restaurants, hotels, schools, grocery stores, and major food distribution companies across the country. As one of Tampa's well-known commercial bakeries, we deliver fresh 36-inch loaves daily straight from our Cuban bakery to our local wholesale customers, such as the world-renowned Columbia Restaurant. Customers outside of the Tampa Bay area often receive our specially-sized 18-inch frozen loaves, which offer a more efficient option for shipping and storing.

Whether you’re buying a fresh loaf of Cuban sandwich bread from our Tampa bakery, or your restaurant needs hundreds of frozen loaves to meet the demand of your customers, you can be sure that you’ll receive a true artisan product each and every time when you buy from La Segunda. For more information about our Cuban bread, media noche bread, guava turnovers, and other traditional savories and sweets, contact La Segunda Central Bakery today.