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Cuban Bread

The Authentic Cuban Bread

Cuban Bread Bakery Providing Authentic Cuban Bread in the Southeastern United States and Nationwide

An authentic Cuban sandwich must be made with authentic Cuban bread and no one takes this more seriously than La Segunda Central Bakery in Tampa, Florida. Since 1915, La Segunda has been the premier Cuban bread bakery in the Tampa Bay area and beyond, carefully maintaining the original recipe that founder Juan Moré discovered nearly 100 years ago in a small Cuban town.

Today, Moré’s legacy and his love for Cuban bread continues to shine through our family’s fourth-generation owners and our award-winning, delicious Cuban bread, made originally for the Cuban sandwich. We proudly hand-bake the traditional 36-inch loaf , as well as our popular 18-inch loaves, around the clock, churning out close to 12,000 loaves of bread daily. Each and every loaf is formed out of the freshest, specially-blended ingredients and then baked directly on the hearths of the rotating ovens at our Cuban bakery. No loaf is ready to bake without the traditional palmetto leaf on top, which provides the signature split down the middle.

Wholesale Bakery and Bread Supplier to Restaurants, Hotels, Food Distributors, and Food Brokers Across the Country

In addition to providing artisan Cuban bread to Tampa residents from our storefront bakery and café, La Segunda is one of Florida’s most well-known commercial bakeries. We provide wholesale fresh and frozen Cuban bread and other baked products to prominent restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, schools, entertainment parks, and major food distribution companies across the country. We ensure the same consistent and friendly customer service to our regional and national wholesale clients as we do to our local clients. Our long-standing relationships with prominent customers such as the famed Columbia Restaurant, Wright’s Gourmet House, Beef 'O’ Brady’s, Carmine’s Seventh Avenue, and many others set us apart from the various bread bakeries in Tampa, Florida, and surrounding areas. Plus, with thousands of loaves on hand at any given time, we never run out of bread, which means we can deliver more to your restaurant or business if you need it, day or night.

Whether you’re looking for that perfect Cuban or media noche sandwich with a hot cup of café con leche, or need an established commercial bread bakery to supply your business with authentic Cuban bread, contact La Segunda Central Bakery today.

La Segunda Cuban Bakery

  • "To make a great Cuban Sandwich, you start with the best Cuban bread made by La Segunda in Ybor City."

    Richard Gonzmart
    Columbia Restaurant

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    Jeff Thompson
    Dandee Foods

  • "For Beef 'O' Brady’s, La Segunda is the one true authentic Cuban bread bakery in America. Our customers appreciate getting a real Cuban sandwich at any of our locations nationwide."

    Wayne Hoeye
    Beef 'O' Brady's